Where It All Began

In 2005, our first batch of organic Kraut was handcrafted by our founder and chef, Kathryn Lukas, and sold to friends at a Bay-area farmers market. Her drive to create and share probiotic foods came from her own experience of feeling renewed by its benefits and connected to the powerful process of fermentation.

In 2009, we opened the first facility for perfecting our richly probiotic and flavorful foods and beverages with a small team of fermentation experts.


Today, Farmhouse Culture is a leader in probiotic foods and beverages.

The focus of our team will always be organic ingredients and expert fermentation techniques.


Sharing Our Expertise

Introducing “The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting,” by Kathryn Lukas and co-author Shane Peterson. Featuring over 100 fermented food and beverage recipes, we’re proud to share an exciting glimpse into the culture that drives us.


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